About us.

We are Fin (formerly Finclusion Group) - providing simply smarter finance for everybody. Together with our partners, we provide credit, savings, insurance and more: fast, convenient and reliable.


We enhance the quality of life of our customers through simple, convenient, and appropriate financial services.


We are creating an ecosystem where people and organisations can access financial solutions that help them meet their objectives.


The building blocks of families, communities, and nations are people.

We seek to connect with our stakeholders as people and create an environment where we share what motivates us to create lasting bonds.

When pursuing our mission and vision, our methodology is founded on collaboration and working as a team to solve the problems we all face.

We are never satisfied with the status quo and relentlessly seek to improve. Innovation is a natural output when we understand people’s motivations individually and work together as teams towards a shared vision.

We believe in being authentic. We believe in standing for what is right. What we say is what we do.